Jobs and Internships Available for Q1&2 of 2019

Are you looking for a freelance job or an internship and do you want to work on a sweeping story-driven adventure game? Apply now and after the selection process you could be working with us at our studio, starting February 2019.

Positions have been filled, Thank You!

Herald Animation Horrors

Animating is a funny business. Here is a collection of the wonderful bloopers and horrors created during development…enjoy! [we sure did]

Haven’t tried Herald yet? We promise broken animations are not included! 😛

Herald: Book I & II available on: Steam | GOG | Humble Store |

Coins 2 Continue S1E12 | A Wild Woke Dev Appears! – The Blind Box Network

Coins 2 Continue S1E12 | A Wild Woke Dev Appears! – The Blind Box Network


Hey gang! If you haven’t already, check out Herald: An Interactive Period Drama! I got a chance to play the first two books, and it’s quickly grown to be one of my all-time favorite indie games. I can’t recommend it enough for people who love games with gorgeous visuals and great story! 

You can check it out on Steam or on GoG for 20% off this weekend!

Take a look at this fantastic art by Amelia! 

We’re so stoked with how she drew Devan and the Rani, such personality!

We’ve got new promotion art! Mystery, adventure and of course DRAMA!

Didn’t get the chance to get Herald on Steam sale last weekend?
We’re running another sale this weekend, this time on GOG!
As of today, we also have a FREE DEMO!

Hey everyone!

Haven’t had a chance to buy Herald yet? Now would be the time to get it as we’re having a weekend flash sale to celebrate our first patch!

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The patch will add support for dual analog stick controllers such as the Xbox 360 controller, the XBox One controller and the Sony Dualshock 4. We’ve also fixed some various minor things. The patch will be live later today.

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We’re at EGX Rezzed In London!

Come meet our writer and play Herald at the Tentacle Collective! 

We’re also holding a free game raffle over at Twitter.

We hope to see you there! 😀

We visited the Utrecht University Museum to research 19th century science and medicine for Book III & IV! It was very informative as well as a little creepy.

Not pictured: horrid looking medical tools used on actual people. We’re very glad we don’t live in that time period…