Are you a student and do you want to work on a sweeping story-driven adventure game during your internship? For the first half of 2017, Wispfire is looking for interns to join us on the production of Herald Part 2.

3D Animator

3D Animation Internship

Wispfire is looking for a passionate 3D animation intern to join us in further developing our current project, Herald.

As animation intern you will be mainly responsible for many of the in-game character animations during dialogue and cutscenes. These include but are not limited to: walk cycles, talking variations, idles and action scenes.


  • Strong knowledge of animation principles
  • A good feeling for motion, acting and performance
  • Focused, motivated and able to use feedback effectively
  • Skilled with 3D animation software
  • Able to create convincing keyframe animations


  • Experience with Unity, such as using the Animator, Mecanim and behaviour scripts
  • Experience with the Blender 3D software package
  • Knowledge of 2D animation

To apply, send an e-mail with your motivation, resume and extensive portfolio/showreel to Feel free to ask us any questions regarding this internship!