photo by: Iwein Reimerink ©

About Wispfire

Wispfire is an independent game studio founded by four designers with a background in interactive performance. We create games, whether played on your computer, transmedia or in real life, from concept to completion.

Our philosophy at Wispfire is that PLAY enables you to explore a situation from a different vantage point, to reassess the familiar with new eyes or to discover patterns of thought that you may not have noticed before. By providing agency, we create empathy and increase understanding.

As a specialized team in storytelling we produce engaging interactive experiences with a message, using a vibrant hand-painted art style.





Bart is the technical director at Wispfire. As such he pushes buttons until the computer does what the team wants (usually making pretty pictures appear on the screen). Unity is his weapon of choice and he’s gotten so good at it that they let him teach it at Fontys University. He’s also a huge history nerd, so if you find something in our games that is historically incorrect and point it out to him, he will be suitably annoyed.



Aïda is an Art Director with a passion for character design and animation. She provides Wispfire’s projects with their visual identity. Her goal is to give people a unique experience with a distinctive and vibrant style that is intertwined with the narrative and gameplay. By involving herself in the game design, she makes sure that art plays an integral part to create a cohesive game experience.



Roy manages Wispfire’s day to day activities and as game and performance designer he aims to create deep, involving worlds with emergent gameplay. Roy has a passion for game design in which the rules reinforce narrative meaning. Thus he functions as a creative mind for Wispfire who is always searching for new ways for stories to be experienced.



Remko’s passion is technology. From websites to interactive installations and games, always looking for new things to try and master. From game design to programming there is always something new to learn. When we just started out, he provide the tools and prototypes that made Wispfire’s projects come to life. He has since moved on to new adventures!

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