Wispfire is looking for new interns

From February 2015 we have three spots open for interns at Wispfire. We are currently looking for a technical director, 3D artist and 3D animator to fill these spots. Are you one of these, don’t hesitate to reply to any of the vacancies here!


Interns and Team Outings!

A warm welcome to our new interns: Tieme, Tjidde and Roy (not to be confused with our lead writer, also named Roy)

While getting stuff up and ready for the announcement, we decided to organize a few team outings and conduct some valuable research for our upcoming game! The following pictures might just give a few hints as to what our setting is going to be…

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First demo showcase!

This week we showcased our upcoming game at the dutch game garden networklunch! People played our game for the first time and they really liked it! And yes, we’ll be announcing the game soon…

Want to work at Wispfire?

Are you looking for an internship? Then maybe we are looking for you!
Wispfire is currently working on a 3D point-and-click adventure. This game, set in an alternate version of the 19th century, still needs an extra 3D artist and another Unity programmer.

**Update: All spots are currently filled, thank you for all the applications!**

Aida making concept art

Wispfire has an office!

We are proud to announce today that we moved into our brand new office at the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht! Office 2.09 at the Neude 5 will be our base of operations for hopefully a long time to come.

Kantoor6As part of the incubator program of the Dutch Game Garden we’ll strive to make Wispfire flourish like many other great companies (Vlambeer, Abbey Games, Monobanda etc.) did before us.

Kantoor3So please check out our websiteFacebook page and Twitter feed once in a while for regular updates on Wispfire.

Also, for more photos of our new office look here.

Wispfire Goes Games4Diversity

This weekend Roy, Aïda and Bart went to Games4Diversity EU Jam! We jammed with some wonderful people and many awesome games were made which you can see at the link.
For our game we teamed up with Niina Pesonen who we know from the GameOverHate initiative and Bram den Hond, an awesome programmer we met at the jam.

Our game is a humorous take on the subject of identity and fitting in.Check YourselfClick the splash screen above to download the game. You’ll need Adobe Flash Projector to play for now, though we hope to have a streaming version soon!

P.s. The title is inspired by this wonderful speech by Irish drag queen Panti Bliss.

Wispfire goes Molyjam Deux!

Earlier this month three members of the Wispfire team participated in this year’s Molyjam. From the evening of July 5th until July 7th students, designers, programmers, artists and writers around the world made games based on (horribly out of context) quotes by legendary game designer Peter Molyneux. Roy, Aida and Bart attended the Utrecht event, organized by our friend Zo-ii, where we banded together with the other attendees to make fun, interesting games.

After joint brainstorm sessions (theme: paranoia) Bart and Roy teamed up with Brazillian programmer João Brant to create a game about governments snooping around in your private data. NSA: Prisma puts you in the shoes of the government agent who has to sift through people’s personal correspondence and decide whether they are terrorists or not. We hope you are as uncomfortable playing this game as we were making it!

You can find out more about NSA: Prisma here or you can go straight here to play (may not be safe for work; but then you wouldn’t play games at work, would you?).

Meanwhile Aida teamed up with Marijn van Putten, Shawn McCool and Nick Witsel for Conspicuous, a game where you have to listen in on conference-goers during a game convention (CON-Spire) in order to foil a criminal plot.

Aida drew the beautiful backgrounds and some of the pixel people at the convention. If you look carefully, you might see a few familiar people are attending!

You can find out more about Conspicuous here, or you can play the game instead here.