The making of Tabatha Veazie – Animated 2D portrait – part 1


Hello, I am Aïda, the 2D artist and art director of Herald! This week I’ll be blogging about the making of an animated portrait in our game.


At the inception of Herald, we already knew that we wanted to use 2D portraits in the style of visual novels popularized in Japan. Our first method was…

Any reason to prefer Live 2D to software like Spriter, or was it just the one you found at the time?

The sprite looks gorgeous, I’m a fan of this painterly style and I am going to eagerly await the rest of the series, thanks so much for sharing!

Did you have to keep particular things in mind while painting, before cutting, or can you just paint the sprite like you want to and then just divide it in layers?

Thanks in advance!

Thank you! Glad you like the look of our portraits and you’re very welcome.

We chose Live2D because it’s main strength and focus as a program lies with animating character portraits. It is able to give the illusion of 3D depth in a 2D image, specifically with things like the head turning or tilting. People that saw it the first time in our demo even asked us if the portraits were 3D sometimes!

It also streamlines the process with built in features like auto blink and breath and it has good Unity support. The biggest hurdle with learning the program is understanding the sometimes odd English translations in their manual.

When cutting up the 2D art, the most important thing is to make sure that the colors of the parts blend smoothly with each other. Like the arms for example are cut along the dark shadow lines, so when putting it back together those areas will always blend. Facial features are trickier to get right, but you can do a lot with texture transparency and fading edges.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the series!