Welcome to our website!

Wispfire is a collaboration of Utrecht School of the Arts alumni who’re looking to bring something new to the Dutch game industry. We create interactive experiences, whether they’re on a single computer, transmedia or in real life, from concept to completion.

Our philosophy at Wispfire is that PLAY enables you to explore a situation from a different vantage point, to reassess the familiar with new eyes or to discover patterns of thought that may not have occured to you before. By providing agency, we create empathy and increase understanding.

We’ve got some great concepts of our own lined up, but because it’s not easy to be self-sufficient as a start-up, we’re currently also FOR HIRE. So whether you’re looking for an interactive workshop for your company, a special way to reach your clients, a way to engage your students like never before, or simply want advice for your own project, please get in touch!