Wispfire has done several projects already, here you will find them in the order from latest to oldest. Our most recent project being Herald.


Herald is an Interactive Period Drama for PC, Mac and Linux that plays as a mix between a visual novel and a point and click adventure game. You are Devan Rensburg, a man of mixed heritage, in search of his roots. To book passage to the Eastern Colonies, he has signed on to work on board the HLV Herald. Set during an alternate 1857, in which the West stands united as a single empire: the Protectorate. With the onset of modernity, the Protectorate is struggling to maintain order, as tensions arise resulting from great inequality and prejudice. Herald is Wispfire’s current project in development.

Construction Law Gamejam – Heijltjes Advocaten

Law firm Heijltjes Advocaten asked Wispfire to explain two problems in construction law through video games. To do so we held a gamejam at our office with Construction as its theme. During this gamejam Wispfire produced two games about the subject dealing with the two different problems respectively. In “Woon Crisis” players can play with sliders to see how many people can buy a home when you adjust their mortgage, taxes and ground value. In “Design vs Construct” one player takes on the role of the architect of a building, while another has to build it exactly according to his design without letting it collapse.

Careyn Kanjer — Careyn Holding B.V.

Careyn Kanjer is a custom built web-application made especially for “De Dag van de Zorg” (Day of Healthcare). In this app employees of Careyn Holding B.V. could place flowers in a garden for their colleagues together with a digital thank-you-card containing a personal message. For the user, the app was accessible through a website and allowed browsing and planting of flowers with login-details. The app even kept track of the latest messages of employees on the intro page. For the administrator, Careyn Kanjer had a password-protected backend that could be used to easily moderate messages and their contents.

Old work

Members of the Wispfire team have previously worked together in various configurations. To give you an idea of what we did before Wispfire, here are some highlighted projects!


OpMars was a series of theatrical events linked in a single over-arching online game narrative that took place in November and December of 2012.
Participants became part of the world of eccentric tycoon Richard van Lier who sends his children on a technological race to Mars… with the business empire as the grand prize! The three children each have their own philosophy and participants choose their path into the worlds of Objectivism, Corporate Science and Green PR as the Van Lier family comes apart at the seams.
Participants are playfully and surreptitiously invited to adopt their chosen philosophy and engage in interactive scenario roleplay with the cast and eachother.

NSA: Prisma

In July 2013 Wispfire participated in MolyjamNL, a game jam where designers get 48 hours to create a game based on selected quotes by game designer Peter Molyneux. Working together with a programmer Roy and Bart designed and wrote NSA: PRISMA as a reaction to the recent revelations regarding the extent of government surveillance on the internet. In the game you play as an NSA agent and you have to snoop through a number of characters’ private correspondence in order to see if they have links to terrorism. The large amount of incomplete information and a time limit push the player to make snap judgements.


Theaterstrip (theatre comic) is an educational webgame in which children explore theatre history by meeting famous playwrights and playing a number of minigames. The game takes you through all the major historical periods, each with their own short story to explain their theatre tradition.
Theaterstrip was designed by Roy and programmed by Remko for theatre company Het Rozentheater as part of the Gouden Roos contest in 2012.

Illustations by Aïda

This is a small selection of works by Aïda to give you an impression of our artist’s visual style.