Our final backer portrait: The Merchant Navy often employs lawyers to help settle its many colonial disputes.

Our fourth backer portrait is of a wealthy, 18th century explorer. All backer portraits will eventually end up as paintings somewhere in the game. 😉  

Update 7: Gamescom, Delays and Demos

Update 7: Gamescom, Delays and Demos

A comparison between the then and now design and 3D model of one of the Herald’s passengers Louis Morton. We’ve certainly come a long way!

“Our dining saloon is only open to the most important passengers; remember your place, steward.”

Our demo for Herald is now also available for Mac and Linux!

You can download the demo from our kickstarter page!

The date has been set! We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be launching our kickstarter and releasing our first public demo on the 19th of april!!!