Most of the voice acting for Herald has been recorded! Here’s our new teaser trailer showing you some of the characters with their newly added voices. 😀

In the coming weeks we’ll reveal the entire cast to you with voice samples from their lines.


We also did an interview with Live2D, the company behind the software which we use to animate our 2D portraits. For those interested in how we actually did our portraits, we also wrote a “making-of” series of posts a while back. 😉


The Wispfire Team.

It’s always cool to see new interns practice Herald’s art style. Keep up the good work!

In 24 hours from now, Aida, our art director, will do another art stream, in which she’ll do some more work related to one of our characters, the Rani. Be sure follow our twitch channel if you’d like to be updated once we’re live! (stream starts tomorrow at 18:00 GMT+2)