casual note that the creative director of “Herald” game that recently came out made a pretty ableist joke, so if his mindsets are reflected in the game you should be concerned


Image is a receipt. Response is my own, which was never mentioned by anyone on the dev team and there was never any apology or acknowledgement issued.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I’m tired.

I’m tired of ableist microaggressions and flat out aggression being okay because it comes from so-called progressive circles.

I’m tired of people thinking this garbage is funny. 

And I’m honestly tired of not making a loud angry stink about it. Differently abled and neurodivergent folks suffer so many abuses because it is still acceptable to use us as the butt of the joke. And I am not okay with that. I never will be. I will fight until it isn’t okay.

So fuck you if you make a triggered joke, I don’t care who it is about. I won’t be purchasing your game. 

Also if you call me racist/sexist/whatever else for making this assertion about a game with a very racially diverse cast and with a female protagonist, you’re missing the point entirely and you will be swiftly shown to the door. Just because this game might be good in some axes of diversity does NOT make it cool for this shit to go on. 


We regret that there wasn’t a response on twitter, marketing a new game can be pretty hard as a small studio and we’ve all been super swamped. We couldn’t find the tweet anymore so we’ll respond here.

From our Creative Director: I’m sorry. As you said, it was a joke where I tried to turn the word back on the kind of person that uses that kind of language, but it’s hard to be subtle in 140 characters. I certainly didn’t meant to belittle or hurt, but I do understand my tweet could have done exactly that.

With Herald our company tries to tackle many difficult subjects in a respectful way, but our employees are people too, and people aren’t perfect. We’re always open to criticism though, and are here to listen when it’s needed.