Questions for Podcast?

In about 4,5 hours from now (20:00 GMT) we will be recording for the Fresh out of Tokens Podcast, hosted by Tanya from @ineeddiversegames.

Our lead writer, Roy van der Schilden and principal voice actor, Vivek Bhurtun will be answering questions about diversity in gaming, the history of Herald and more!

Let us know if you have any questions you’d like to have answered!

Most of the voice acting for Herald has been recorded! Here’s our new teaser trailer showing you some of the characters with their newly added voices. 😀

In the coming weeks we’ll reveal the entire cast to you with voice samples from their lines.


We also did an interview with Live2D, the company behind the software which we use to animate our 2D portraits. For those interested in how we actually did our portraits, we also wrote a “making-of” series of posts a while back. 😉


The Wispfire Team.

Herald, the interactive period drama about 19th century colonialism will finish its kickstarter in two days! If you haven’t pledged yet, now’s the time!

This is it. We’re nearing the end of the line and only have 2.7k to go. Any support we can get, be it a repost or a retweet would help us immensely.


To celebrate the fact that we crossed the 12k mark, we have lowered the prices of our three highest tiers (the ones without any backers yet) with more than a hundred Euro’s each!
So if you still would really love that portrait of you (or one of your own characters) in the style of Tabatha or Devan, now is your chance to raise your pledge and still get it.

Also, we’ve scheduled a 4 hour timed push, starting on Saturday, 23 May, at 20:00 (8:00PM) CEST. Help us spread the word through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to create a huge surge of Herald related posts in those hours. Share our posts and make your own, together we can make it happen!

On Sunday the 24th, Wispfire’s Twitch channel will broadcast a live-stream of our dev-team to celebrate the final hours of Herald’s campaign, and to rake in those last pledges. The stream is scheduled to start at 20:00 (8:00PM) CEST.

** Herald’s campaign officially ends somewhere in the early morning for our US audience, so we have scheduled the live-stream to take place a little earlier than the actual ending. **

Our demo for Herald is now also available for Mac and Linux!

You can download the demo from our kickstarter page!