Wispfire wishes everyone a terrifying Halloween!

The wait is over. It’s been exactly one year since Herald was successfully kickstarted – and now we are incredibly proud to announce we have been selected by the Dutch Democracy & Media Foundation to receive funding for voice acting!

For more info, check: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil…/filedetails/…/427548124

While most gamedevs were attending GDC, we instead decided to send two of our founders to visit the sunny city of Austin, where they gave a talk at SXSW 2016; a festival so big, they even got the first lady and … oh yes, the president of the united states to provide keynotes… Our presentation was met with great reception – and felt very inspiring according to the people we chatted with after the talk was over. 😀

For the rest of the week, we met from people all over the world, of many disciplines, including those who served as a great inspiration to ourselves: the folks over at telltale games.

We just had a wonderful time showcasing Herald at the Ludicious 2016. Aside from showing our game and getting lovely reactions, we gave an impromptu Herald talk, sang “Marioke” and explored the snowy forests outside of Zürich.

During an animation test, we instructed one npc to use his broom more expressively. Instead, we a got a Monty Python reenactment. 

Should sexuality define a character?

For those who missed our stream, you can now watch it over here!

While Nick played Dorian’s sidequest in Dragon Age Inquisition (a quest regarding the character’s sexuality), Roy and Bart (whom next to being two of Wispfire’s founders are also each others partners) discussed the representation of LGBTQ+ characters in video games. The main question being, should a character’s sexuality define their personality, background or appearance?


We understand that some of the things we talk about during our livestream are regarded as sensitive topics and/or hot-button issues. We would like to emphasize that our key goal at Wispfire  is only to promote intelligent and nuanced discussion among our viewers, while avoiding one-sided arguments.


Mind you, since we’re still new to streaming, we’re still experimenting with finding the perfect setup. As such, the game’s audio might be a little to loud at times, our apologies for that! And as to be expected this video contains some SPOILERS for Dragon Age Inquisition!

Someone asked if our game, Herald, would also include visible queer representation, which we answered with the following:

Humans have always sought the company of others, especially on long voyages, and because sexuality is such an important part of the human identity, we think its necessary to treat it as such while designing our characters.
Herald might take place in a time where sexual morals were a lot stricter than they are now, its people were arguably as sexually diverse as we are today. You will definitely notice this while playing Herald, as the environment the characters live in does foster a great variety of relationships between people. Some that are encouraged and others that are frowned upon.