Herald Animation Horrors

Animating is a funny business. Here is a collection of the wonderful bloopers and horrors created during development…enjoy! [we sure did]

Haven’t tried Herald yet? We promise broken animations are not included! 😛

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Coins 2 Continue S1E12 | A Wild Woke Dev Appears! – The Blind Box Network

Coins 2 Continue S1E12 | A Wild Woke Dev Appears! – The Blind Box Network

We’ve got new promotion art! Mystery, adventure and of course DRAMA!

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We visited the Utrecht University Museum to research 19th century science and medicine for Book III & IV! It was very informative as well as a little creepy.

Not pictured: horrid looking medical tools used on actual people. We’re very glad we don’t live in that time period…

Last week, Masayuki of Live2D visited us to talk about the future of Wispfire using their software to create our animated portraits. After a nice dinner we took this picture before we said goodbye.

We’re glad to have spoken, and we learned that the future will be very exciting!

As steward it is your job to abide to the wishes of the passengers and crew. Whether this results in their condescending gratitude or furious complaints is up to you.

2017: The Year of the Rooster!

Happy new year everyone! After a brief holiday we’ve all returned at the office and are working very hard to finish Herald. We wrote a brief update in which we laid out all the things we still need to do.

We’ve been incredibly grateful for the support from our tumblr community, thank you so much for sharing our work in the past. You can expect to be hearing a lot more from us these coming weeks. 😉

A Brief Statement

As a game developer orienting around “social issues” we couldn’t help but notice the great amount distraught and divide reflected all over social media today.

It is very easy to hate and look down upon those who are different or do not share the same beliefs. And we can tell you, because we have done A LOT of research into history, that acting upon that anger and resentment will accomplish nothing.
Don’t listen to those demons, instead, listen to each other so you can better understand and solve the conflicts we all face.

We’d like to share this beautiful cover by one of Herald’s voice actrices, Neela Bhurtun. Enjoy

Miss Tabatha Veazie – from concept art to in-game portrait. 🙂

Wispfire wishes everyone a terrifying Halloween!