As steward it is your job to abide to the wishes of the passengers and crew. Whether this results in their condescending gratitude or furious complaints is up to you.

2017: The Year of the Rooster!

Happy new year everyone! After a brief holiday we’ve all returned at the office and are working very hard to finish Herald. We wrote a brief update in which we laid out all the things we still need to do.

We’ve been incredibly grateful for the support from our tumblr community, thank you so much for sharing our work in the past. You can expect to be hearing a lot more from us these coming weeks. 😉

Miss Tabatha Veazie – from concept art to in-game portrait. 🙂

Hey everyone! Our game, Herald, now has a Steam Page! 

😀 😀 😀

If you’re interested and like to show your support, you can add our game to your Wishlist! We’re also currently running a closed beta. If you’d like to lend a hand in improving the game, you can sign up on our forums

We don’t usually provide one-day internships for high school students, but when this 14 year old girl showed us her instagram ( and asked if she could make some game art with us for one day, we couldn’t say no.

The first image was solely made by her within a day, the second one a result after our art director did some finishing touches later in the evening. We’ll probably end up using it for a painting in the game.