Questions Answered!

We’ve had a lot of amazing response from you guys, so we thought we’d answer some of your burning questions!

siryl replied to your photoset:
Herald: An Interactive Period Drama – Book I & II…

It’s a maritime dating sim, right?

Yes that is totally what Herald is! ;p Kidding aside, flirting is not out of the question, but the focus of the game is more about making friends…or enemies!

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The real question: can you be gay in it

You can be as gay as you like, but whether Devan is, is up for debate!

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Another “half white/half other” game? Lame. Can’t folks do anything else?

We’re sorry you feel that way! For Herald it was a very deliberate narrative choice as to place the player between two worlds and explore the identity struggle many people face in a multicultural society. 

We had a great time going through some of the tags you left!
If anyone has any questions about Herald, it’s themes and story, feel free to ask us!

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