As steward it is your job to abide to the wishes of the passengers and crew. Whether this results in their condescending gratitude or furious complaints is up to you.

After 2 years of intense production, the Herald finally has chickens!

“Gun’s been stolen from the weapons cache, and you gonna be helpin’ me findin’ it.”

The final ‪#‎screenshotsaturday‬ of this year. Herald has entered early alpha, and we’ve started doing our first lighting pass on all the scenes of the first chapter. Happy holidays!

During an animation test, we instructed one npc to use his broom more expressively. Instead, we a got a Monty Python reenactment. 

“We might fall within the Protectorate’s sphere of influence, but our history, our culture, will remain our own.” -The Rani

“Our dining saloon is only open to the most important passengers; remember your place, steward.”