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Herald Books I and II by Wispfire is now out! We had a chance to play through Book I on stream, and it was great. As expected from our run through the demo version, Herald is pretty damn great. It doesn’t shy away from issues of race or Imperialism in the games setting.

Like we said the game does not shy away from these issues. Also, POC characters are voiced by POC actors! Vivek Bhurtun voices your protagonist, Devan Ludlow. We had him and lead writer, Roy van der Schilden on Fresh Out of Tokens to talk about the voice acting and writing the game before release.

Vivek also wrote about his experience voicing Devan for Gamasutra!

Listen to to the episode

You can buy Herald ($9.99) on Steam, GOG or direct from Wispfire which gives them the biggest profit!

Thanks so much again for hosting us and your continued support! We’re thrilled that you liked the game after playing the demo earlier! 

Herald: An Interactive Period Drama – Book I & II is out for PC, Mac & Linux!

Herald is a choice-driven adventure set during colonial times. Board the HLV Herald and uncover its dark secrets in an intriguing tale about tyranny and servitude.

You are Devan Rensburg, a man of mixed heritage living in an alternate 19th century. You were born in the Eastern Colonies – but raised in the West, in the Protectorate’s capital.

In search of your roots, you booked passage on board of the HLV Herald, a ‘Protectorian’ ship set for your country of birth.
During your voyage, news of colonial unrest created tensions between the diverse crew and passengers.

Months later you alone are dragged ashore. No ship, no crew. All that remains is you, your journal and a captain’s coat you were wearing. A mysterious woman is holding you captive and demands you to tell her what happened to ‘your’ ship. What you tell her, is your choice.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/380810/

GOG: https://goo.gl/RXZnOS

Humble: https://goo.gl/DO6C5V

We hope you’ll love the story!

Hey everyone!

We have great news! The Mac and Linux versions of Herald: Book I & II will be releasing alongside with the Windows version on Steam and Humble when the game launches Wednesday, this week!

The screenshot above was the most relevant one we could find…

Decide Herald’s story before it releases!

Based on the most voted outcome of the first vignette, we have continued Herald’s story in Vignette #2: Louis Morton!

Due to Herald’s release on Thursday the 16th, we have delayed the next video and also allowed people to vote through a poll in the video itself! 😀

Voting ends on Monday the 20th, 11:00 AM GMT.
On Thursday the 23rd we will release a new vignette which will be a direct continuation of the choice with the most votes in total!

Let us know your choice in the comments or on our forum: wispfire.com/forum

Hey everyone!

To prepare you for the upcoming release of Herald, we made a special interactive video to illustrate what kind of choices you’ll be making.

In this interactive vignette you are presented with a conflict set aboard the Herald, and at the end you can vote to choose how our main character, Devan Rensburg, responds to the conflict.


Voting happens here and ends on Monday, 11 AM GMT!

Next Thursday we will release a new vignette which will be a direct continuation of the choice with the most votes in total! 

Reblogs would be appreciated!

Questions for Podcast?

In about 4,5 hours from now (20:00 GMT) we will be recording for the Fresh out of Tokens Podcast, hosted by Tanya from @ineeddiversegames.

Our lead writer, Roy van der Schilden and principal voice actor, Vivek Bhurtun will be answering questions about diversity in gaming, the history of Herald and more!

Let us know if you have any questions you’d like to have answered!

As steward it is your job to abide to the wishes of the passengers and crew. Whether this results in their condescending gratitude or furious complaints is up to you.