3D Character Proportions test!

May 5th, 2015

Hey guys, Aïda the Art Director for Herald here.

When we launched our Kickstarter and Greenlight, we got some really good and honest feedback on the look of our game. One point of feedback was the proportions of our 3D character models. We had made the decision early on in the development of Herald to let our character models function as avatars, and make the main focus for interaction and emotions be the 2D portraits. We were inspired by how the Persona games combine the 2D and 3D aspects of their game world in much the same way. With this decision came the somewhat stylized proportions.

But along the development process, the textures and world became much more detailed then we originally envisioned, and thus perhaps some of the stylisation no longer meshes well with how the game currently looks.

After some testing [mostly to see if it would not take too long to adjust, considering production planning] I want to present you with two tests I made of subtly adjusted proportions, matching more with the 2D models you see during dialogues.

We’d love your feedback on this! Which style do you prefer?


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