Herald on Kickstarter!

April 19th, 2015

Click the banner to go to the Kickstarter page!Those of you who follow us on facebook or twitter knew this was coming, but today we’ve officially started our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Herald!

The campaign will run from 19th of April to 24th of May and our initial goal is €15.000 euros. On Kickstarter you can pledge money towards that goal; and it is charged to your credit card if and only if the €15.000 goal is reached; enabling us to finish the development process! Click on the picture to go to our Kickstarter page.

As part of our campaign we’re also going on Steam Greenlight and we’ve decided to release our first public demo.

Support us on Steam Greenlight!

For those of you who don’t know; Greenlight is the huge online game store Steam’s vetting process through which they let new games onto their platform. Steam users can vote on games they’d like to see. If Herald gets enough upvotes, it’ll appear on Steam when we launch!

Our demo is a short scene from early on in the game where you’re tasked to find a missing gun on board the Herald. While we hope to push the quality of the game higher still than what you see here, it should provide an early look at how Herald wil play and feel.


So I guess all there’s left to say is: support us on Greenlight, play the demo and back us on Kickstarter and with your help we can make Herald as awesome as it can be!


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